The search for a daycare can be a daunting and scary task, especially for a new parent. It is hard to find a place where you feel comfortable leaving your child daily. Parents want to know that their children are in a place that is clean, safe and happy.  I’m a discerning parent but also an appreciative one who understands what goes into things.  NW Early Learning School is an exemplary daycare that I highly recommend.  The caregivers are absolutely incredible, and I am so grateful to each and every one of them for their loving care of my infant daughter.  I never once doubted that she was safe, and that this was a positive experience for her.  I found everyone that worked there to be responsive and proactive.  I feel my daughter felt nurtured there and her personality bloomed.  They taught her how to wave at just 6 months.  She made friends- well as much as babies do and seemed very happy in the caregiver’s arms.  It was great to see her light up to see them.  Lastly, the kids generally seem happy there.  I always marveled how it was possible to keep so many little one’s content at one time.  While I know milestones and education is important, I know the vehicle for that for a baby is that they feel cared for and safe and this is one of the true strengths of NW Early Learning School.

The Gordners

The team is doing a great job in taking care of our kids at NW Early Learning School. Our kids were part of Sunshine Montessori which is under the same administration of Mr. Joseph who is always a humble person and has many years of experience in the education system. We moved to NW as it is very close to our home and happy that they started one near to us with the Montessori method of teaching which we always prefer. Kids always love to spend time with their teachers and they have a high standard curriculum for every age. Our kids are always happy at NW center, everyone part of the team is very knowledgeable, highly skilled at child development, and friendly. It is definitely a place to nurture the love of learning. Highly recommend it!!!!

Ka Ch

My son learned so much in the time he attended NW Early learning. He picked up new skills every week. The teachers were so thoughtful and compassionate. They did a great job promoting socialization with other kiddos and helped encourage my son’s interests. They even gave him a going away present and send off on our last day.

Elizabeth Hagemaier

Our family was extremely lucky to find NW Early Learning School. Our daughter looks forward to going to daycare every morning and makes up songs about all the kids/staff. I feel like she is well taken care of and my mind is at ease while I am at work. Thank you for everything you do and for becoming a part of our family. Highly Recommend!!!

Kasai Iwan

The whole team at NW Early Learning School is amazing and are all very caring and nurturing. My grandkids have learned so much (1 yr and 3.5yr) and enjoy their time there. I always drop off in the morning  and feel good leaving them in good hands!

Yecika Espinoza

Sunshine Montessori and Mr & Mrs Weeratunga have been amazing for both my kids. My son was there from age 2 – 5 and now my daughter has been there for a year as well. My husband and I really admire the teachers dedication and efforts in following the Montessori teaching methods. All of the staff including teachers assistants are so caring. Mr & Mrs Weeratunga are truly phenomenal and we highly recommend their school. We are blessed to have been associated with their teaching & ethics as a foundation for our kids. 

Amisha & Sumit Punj