Our COVID-19 Processes

Face Masks

All staff are wearing a face mask when on the property, unless they are in the breakroom. When we interact with your child we are wearing our mask to protect us and your child.

Children who are five and eligible for Kindergarten in the fall will need to start wearing masks in the classroom during the day starting in June.


In general childcare processes require constant cleaning. With COVID 19, we are sanitizing toys in all rooms on a daily basis and wiping down surfaces more frequently. The playground structures are sprayed down between classroom use.

Arrival and pick up

Arrival and pick up are done outside of the buildings. Daily children meet staff inside the gated covered entrance where parents sign in for the day, answer three questions about their potential exposure to COVID 19, answer if their child has a temperature today and fill out the child’s form for the start of their day. Plan a few extra minutes in the morning to complete this process. At the end of the day, parents are met by staff inside the gated covered entrance where the staff retrieve their child from their classroom.

Stable groups

Each classroom has one stable group of children. Each stable group plays outdoors at separate times. Stable groups do not combine with other groups and staffing is consistent.


We offer tours during the day that are done from outside of the classroom, either in an unused class or outside of the facility. Typically tours are usually done between 9am to 11am or 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Call or email to set up a time to visit us!


Child care centers are required to provide the Health Department an annual report of the immunizations of the children in our care. These are the results of the 24 students who were enrolled in December 2020.